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Attendees say:

“Katie is a dynamic speaker and engaged the room immediately.”

“Truly Phenomenal!”         “WOWed”         “Brilliant”        

“HUGE Success”          “profoundly impactful”       “humor and sass”

I have never seen a crowd so engaged, interactive and big at the conference

Speaking Engagements and Workshops Experience Includes:

Katie has spoken at 100s of venues including

1) Colleges and Universities including Harvard, University of North Carolina, and University of California Los Angeles,

2) Professional Associations including CFA Society of LA, Society of Women Engineers, Women Investing for Sustainable Economy, and American Academy of Neurology,  and

3) Employers including NASDAQ, Cisco, Hallmark Cards and Lockton Companies.

Popular Speaking Topics

KEYNOTE SPEECH:  Starting Your Own Trend in Work Equity

Katie is the architect of the widely praised ban on salary history in hiring which Massachusetts filed in January 2015 and signed into law in August 2016.  Within a few months of it becoming law more than 20 other states, municipalities, and territories have filed bills or passed laws to ban salary history questions in hiring  and close the gender pay gap as well as other pay gaps.  Come hear how a complete rookie at work and women equity introduced a novel solution, got it passed into law, and began a widely accepted trend while dealing with a dying mother, a condo association debacle as treasurer, and starting her own consulting firm Equal Pay Negotiations at the same time.  Learn the lessons Katie learned and get empowered to keep going when you know you are on to something yet are continuously hitting walls.

FOR EMPLOYEES: Knowing and Getting the Job’s Worth

People who negotiate their income earn an extra $1Million during their career.   Women who negotiate their income also negotiate away the 22% less they earn than men and improve their potential to move into leadership roles.   Key to successful negotiation is making it a objective as possible by knowing the job’s value.  It’s a successful approach that had one client triple her income in two years.  Come to this session and learn how to be one of those people.   You will learn the expectations, preparation, and ultimately the language of pay and benefits negotiation.   The session will include:

  • Research the market value of the job
  • When the negotiation truly started
  • Words to continue the negotiation
  • Phrases to overcome management’s objections
  • How to end the negotiation on a good note


FOR EMPLOYERS:  Healing the 1,000 Cuts in Diversity and Equal Pay Efforts

Most employers are working towards an equal and diverse workforce but despite best efforts, many continue to struggle. Many of the items holding employers back from success are the 1,000 little unintended biases that are embedded in hiring, promotion, and performance review processes. These “best practices” are so well established that few would give them a second thought never mind think of them as biased. Examples include:

  • Names on a job application
  • Asking for salary history
  • Employee referral programs

Come learn the Catch 22 of current best practices and some small adjustments which can achieve the equity goals you have.


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2 comments on “Workshops, & Speaking Engagements

  1. elizabethpetrylee
    September 13, 2011

    What a valuable resource in our work with women seeking to advance professionally to become financially prosperous and in reaching their full potential. i am delighted to learn more from your insightful and practical articles. Thank you. Elizabeth Petry-Lee WomenVenture

    • Katie Donovan
      September 14, 2011

      Elizabeth, Thank you for the kind words.

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