Event Planners say:

“Katie is very motivational and deeply knowledgeable about the topic at hand. Katie’s two webinars were some of SWE’s most popular webinars to date.”  Randi Rosenbluth, Society of Women Engineers.

“Katie is a dynamic speaker and engaged the room immediately. …. We were thrilled to have Katie speak to our group again, and hope to have her back in the future.” Kourtney Mierzejewski, Women in Construction.


Attendees say:

“Katie Donovan was the best! She was active, engaging, and extremely knowledgeable.”

I was so WOWed by your seminar at HBS this weekend.  Hands down the most useful/interactive one of the day – and your competition was very impressive.


Speaking Engagements and Workshops Experience Includes:

Katie has spoken at 100s of venues.

1) Colleges and Universities including Harvard, University of North Carolina, and University of California Los Angeles,

2) Professional Associations including CFA Society of LA, Society of Women Engineers, Women Investing for Sustainable Economy, and American Academy of Neurology,  Fempeak, and
3) Employers including NASDAQ, Cisco, Hallmark Cards, Lockton Companies and CompensationTools.

Popular Speaking Topics

It’s Not You, It’s the Process:  Negotiating Away the Systemic Bias in Pay

Sometimes you are the employee negotiating a new job, raise, or end of year bonus.  Other times, you are the manager negotiating those same things on behalf of your employer.  Learn six common best practices that are preventing pay equity and how you overcome them as a candidate and how to collaborate with HR to change those best practices.  Regardless of your role, your actions impact the equality of the ultimate compensation decision.  It’s Not You, It’s the Process teaches you how some of the best practices in hiring, promotion, and review processes prevent achieving pay equity, ironically by assuming equality already exists.  More importantly this workshop will share what you can do in both roles to close gender and other pay gaps.

By the end of this session you will

    • Know how to minimize unconscious bias in your negotiations as a manager,
    • Know how market research data creates a false sense of objectivity,
    • Know how to keep the negotiations conversational yet empowering as a candidate or employee, and hiring manager
    • Practice what you learned in a role play exercise.

Pay Transparency is Coming, Are You Ready?

The growing pay equity requirement of pay information in job postings is here and is only going to grow.  A pay audit will tell you where the inequitable pay is but not how you got there and not how to prevent it from coming back again. In this talk, Katie will talk about her ground breaking pay equity initiatives of banning salary history questions, requiring pay in job ads, and other common processes in hiring, promotions, and compensation that create inequitable pay.  More importantly, she will share adjustments that will begin to improve organization’s pay equity one hire, one promotion, one compensation decision at a time.  These are steps you can take BEFORE laws require you to publicly share your pay information which will minimize any pay adjustments you will need to make before including pay in job ads.

    • Bonus structures
    • Desired compensation questions
    • Employee referral programs

Come learn how to move the needle pay and leadership equity with the pay equity expert who introduced the widely acclaimed elimination of salary history from the hiring process.

Negotiating the Job’s Value

Many teach “know your value.”  Katie touts “knowing the job’s value” because it is the more successful approach to pay equity and no longer being underpaid.  Key to successful negotiation is making it as objective as possible by knowing the job’s value.  It’s a successful approach that had one client triple her income in two years.   Even it you do not triple your income, negotiating will help you earn $1 million more in your career while eliminating your personal gender pay gap.   You will learn the expectations, preparation, and ultimately the language of pay and benefits negotiation.   The session will include:

    • Research the market value of the job
    • When the negotiation truly started
    • Words to continue the negotiation
    • Phrases to overcome management’s objections
    • How to end the negotiation on a good note

Love Your Job?  Great, Then Leave It!

Working while being a woman is tough.  The gender pay gap, sexual harassment, sexist dress codes, not being heard, and lack of advancement opportunity are just a few of the challenges we women face on a regular basis.  Often we wait until the last straw at one employer before searching for the next job.  But what if we left when we still love our job and still are improving our skills?  The empowerment of not being loyal to the company but loyal to your family and yourself breaks the chains and jumps you to the next level in your career.  Become motivated and empowered for more with this keynote.

Becoming a  Change Agent

Katie is the trailblazer who started the widely-praised movement to ban salary history in hiring.  Massachusetts was the first to file in January 2015 and signed into law in August 2016.  Within a few months of it becoming law more than 20 other states, municipalities, and territories filed similar bills.  Currently, 45+ laws and executive orders have put bans and restrictions on questions of salary history and 8 laws on pay transparency with candidates and employees have passed.  Come hear how a complete rookie at work and women equity introduced a novel solution, got it passed into law, and began a widely accepted trend while dealing with a dying mother, a condo association debacle as treasurer, and starting her own consulting firm Equal Pay Negotiations at the same time.  Learn the lessons Katie learned and get empowered to keep going when you know you are on to something, yet are continuously hitting walls.


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