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Katie is never short on good advice. Here are useful tips from some of her interviews and articles in the past. For a full list of Katie’s published writing and interviews, click here.


“We have to get rid of salary history — it’s on every application. All it does is set us up for failure.”

-WBUR: How Boston is Trying to Eliminate the Gender Wage Gap


“Do more asking than telling. Find out how people wound up in their jobs and what they like about their positions. If they help you learn the ropes, thank them profusely, and share their efforts with the higher-ups. You’ll be seen as a team player—and the team will have your back.

-Cosmopolitan: The 10 Worst Things You Can Do When You Start a New Job


“Join a professional association. This is the place to learn what you don’t know; to create business relationships of all types; to see how other companies do things differently; to ask the questions that you think might make you look stupid at work; and to learn about jobs that never ever get posted on a website.”

-Huffington Post:  5 Career Negotiation Tips for Recent Grads


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