Pay and benefits are not the only things you negotiate at work. Everyday, in some small and some large ways, you are negotiating your career. Are others taking credit for your great ideas and accomplishments? Is your manager’s manager considering you for the next promotion? Are you unsure how to network to your dream job in your dream company? Do you know how to get the stretch assignments? Negotiate Your Career will help you with these and any other work issues that you are unsure of how to negotiate to your benefit.

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Negotiate Your Career includes:

  1. Live sessions via phone or video. These meetings are a great time to discuss your recent accomplishments and how to describe them in a manner to give your career and your wallet a boost. Role-playing is another popular use of live sessions. This is a perfect way to get out the kinks and grow confidence for difficult discussions with management, partners, subordinates, or your arch nemesis at the office. Sessions can be scheduled nights, weekends, and business hours based on availability. Negotiate Your Career clients have priority in scheduling sessions.
  2. Research. A key to successful negotiation is preparation and you may not have the time to do all the research needed. Use to get the research for a job interview or the pay and benefits negotiation. Delivery time will be based on requirements of research and your needs.
  3. Email communications. Sometimes you need quick guidance on an issue. Send an email with the details of your quandary and you will have an initial response within one business day.

Negotiate Your Career is available in three packages. Regardless of the package you select you can use any combination of Live Session, Research, and Email Communications as you see fit and can be used all at once, on a scheduled basis (weekly, monthly, quarterly), ad hoc basis, or any combination. Truly, Negotiating Your Career is designed to be flexible enough to meet your needs and schedule. As a Negotiating Your Career client, you will be a priority client.

Schedule Your No-Obligation Free 30-Minute Consultation NOW


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