March 2023:

No Women Left Behind (podcast) Changing Systemic Bias: On Equality for Women in the Workforce


April 2022:

Forbes: How to Ask for A Raise Amid Soaring Inflation

Bankrate: Younger workers aren’t keeping their salaries a secret anymore – here’s why it could be a good idea

March 2022:

Good Morning America: Couple launches Twitter bot to expose gender pay gap as experts call for pay transparency

January 2022:

CNN: Here’s what happens when salary is actually included in job listings

November 2020:

Courier Workshop Podcast:  Pay Equity

October 2020:

HuffPost: How to Ask For a Raise During the Coronavirus Pandemic


September 2020:

Chronicle of Philanthropy: How to Advance Pay Equity at Your Nonprofit

The Purse Podcast: Closing the gender pay gap


June 2020:

NPR MarketPlace: How salary history bans can raise wages for female and Black workers

Newsweek: New Study Shows That Asking for Salary History Perpetuates Systemic Racism

April 2019:

CNN: Interviewing for a new job?  Here’s the best time to bring up salary

March 2019:

NECN, The Take: Court Puts Recent Gains in Pay Equity in Limbo

HuffPost: How Women Get Trapped In The Cycle of Being Underpaid – And How They Get Equal Pay

Yahoo Finance:  The key reasons why women don’t negotiate their salary


February 2019:

HuffPost:  Most Companies are Sticking with 3 Percent Raises This Year.  Here’s What to Do About It.

Boston Globe: BSO flutist settles equal-pay lawsuit with orchestra

Boston Business Journal: Earning power: Katie Donovan fights for equal pay for women 


January 2019:

Yahoo Finance: 5 Ways to Face Your Fear of Negotiating 


December 2018:

Studio BZ: SEASON 2 EPISODE 15   

Keller @ Large:  Is There Unequal Pay Between Men and Women?

Keller @ Large: Equal Pay Expert Tips for Employees, Employers

Business Insider: Here’s How to Ask Your Coworkers How Much They’re Making, According to Experts 

Yahoo Finance: How Women Can Earn $1 Million More in Their Career


November 2018:

Clutch: What Do Job Seekers Want in a New Role? 


October 2018:

Thrive Global: In a World Without Bias, Will Pay Equity Exist?

The Take: Looking at Gender and Pay on International Day of the Girl

The Chronicle of Philanthropy: 10 Steps Nonprofits Can Take to Close the Pay Gap for Women

Fast Company:  This is the cost of women’s workplace emotional labor


September 2018:

Thrive Global: Median Pay Hurts Pay Equity 


July 2018:

Ladders: The Best Salary Negotiation Tactic Might be too Awkward for Most People to Try

Medscape: Advice for Female Physicians to Negotiate Higher Salaries 


June 2018:

The Take: New Equal Pay Law to Take Effect 


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Broadly.: How to Ask Your Coworkers How Much Money They Make 


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Ladders:  You’ve been thinking about awkwardness in the workplace all wrong 


February 2018:

BBC: America’s answer to the gender pay gap

Time: How to Use Awkward Silence to Get What You Want

AJC Radio: #TimesUp Movement – The Tanique Write Story – Part 2 


January 2018:

Hollywood Reporter: 3 Ways Women in Hollywood Can Negotiate a Better Deal 


December 2017:

Career Intelligence: How To Reject A Job Offer or Promotion – Gracefully

Style Salute: The Negotiating Habits All Wildly Successful Women Share 


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Entrepreneur: 7 Ways Women Leaders Can Win At Negotiating

Louisiana Job Connection: How Much Money Should You Ask For? 


September 2017:

Fairy Godboss: How To Ask For A Raise: 20 Strategic Tactics

Meditate: The Power of Silence


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Chicago Tribune: Chicago Women in Tech Face Smaller Pay Gap than in Silicon Valley


July 2017:

The Washington Post: They Want to Know Your Salary History, Do You Have to Tell Them?

BBC: The subtle power of uncomfortable silences

Forbes: Why Don’t More Women Negotiate?

Standard Examiner: Do you have to share your salary history?

NASDAQ: 15 Ways to Negotiate a Higher Salary

Her: The one question you should avoid answering at all costs in an interview 


June 2017:

Honey 9: The Fool-Proof Way to Get That Pay Increase 


April 2017:

Ignites: New Law puts Onus of Comp Negotiations on Workers

Workable:  Why Should Employers Care about the Gender Pay Gap

Slate:  Equal Pay Legislation Banning Salary History Questions is Absolutely Based in Data 


December 2016:

BizWomen:  Making Sure Your Get Your Best Year-end Bonus 


November 2016:

BizWomen:  How to Reap the Benefits of Equal Pay Laws in a State that Doesn’t Have One 


October 2016:

HR: HR Key in Helping Employers Achieve Gender Equality

BizWomen:  You Should Negotiate Your Job Title.  Here’s Why.

BizWomen:  The Best – and Worst – Times to Ask for Raise 


September 2016:

BizWomen:  The Perils of Desperately Seeking a Job

Holy Cross Magazine: Momentum for the Equal Pay Movement

BizWomen:  Negotiating:  Get Mad – and Then Get the Most Money You Can

The Chronicle of Philanthropy: How to Negotiate a Higher Nonprofit Salary

Make It Better: The Secret to Getting the Salary or Raise You Deserve 


August 2016:

BizWomen: Why We’re Banning the Phrase “Know Your Value”

BizWomen:  The Making of the Massachusetts Law that will Change the Way Women get Paid

Money: How Banning Employers from Asking About Salary History Could Close the Wage Gap

BizWomen: Glass Cliff: The Good and Bad of Being a Turnaround Queen 


July 2016:

Quartz: Hiring Managers Want One Thing: A Salary Negotiation Coach’s Advice to her Female Executive Clients

BizWomen: Negotiating: Why Flexibility is No Reason to Accept Lower Pay

BizWomen: Negotiating: This is no Place for Fear 


June 2016:

BizWomen: How To: Timing is Everything in a Negotiation – and it Starts at ‘No’

BizWomen: Negotiating: When Leaning In is Not Enough

Money Magazine: How Banning Employers from Asking About Salary History Could Help Close the Wage Gap 


May 2016:

Attn:  Robin Wright Demanded a Raise on House of Cards

BizWomen: The Lies you Will Hear in Your Next Negotiation

FlexJobs: Should You Mention Your Divorce in a Job Interview

Metro: Negotiating for a Salary isn’t Ruthless – It’s Business

Next Avenue: How to Find a Flexible Job or Create One

BizWomen: Negotiating:  How to fight the pay gap within your own team

Apres: Help! I Don’t Want to Miss Out on Vacation 


April 2016:

BizWomen:  How To: Interview Your Future Employer

HR Magazine:  Should HR Ask for Job Candidates’ Salary Histories

BizWomen:  How To: This Woman Will Teach You to Flex 


March 2016:

WBUR: Will Anonymous Payroll Data Help Combat Wage Inequality in Boston

Grow:  Overworked and Underpaid? That Stops Here

Huffington Post:  Gender Pay Gap by a Thousand Cuts 


February 2016:

Mashable: How to Navigate Yearly Reviews and Promotions

Stuff Your Mother Never Told You (Podcast): Babysitting

MediaBistro:  How to Negotiate Your Salary

Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM): Rethinking the Salary History Question

Monster: How to Answer the Interview Question ‘What Salary are You Seeking?’ 


January 2016:

The Voice of Job Seekers:  Closing the Gender Pay Gap

Forbes: 16 Mind-Bending Tech Predictions for 2016 


December 2015:

CNBC: How to Make More Money in 2016: Just Say “No” 


November 2015:

View Mixed: How to Ask for A Raise and Get It 


October 2015:

Game Changing Women:  Negotiating Your Career Game-Change: Getting the Whole Package 


September 2015:

Imagine with Orange: Le plus puissant outil de négociation de salaire pour une femme? Le silence

Huffington Post: Five Reasons Salary History Hurts Your Hiring Goals 


August 2015:

Refinery29: Exactly What to Say When Discussing Salary

Fast Company: A Woman’s Most Powerful Negotiation Tool? Silence

Forbes: Here’s What the New CEO Pay Gap Rules Means for You


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A Traveling Life: How Travel Can Be Good for Your Career

All County Jobs: Two Weeks Notice Tips


June 2015:

Mashable: 3 Things to Know About Closing the Gender Pay Gap

MediaBistro: Tips on Negotiating Your Salary

Monster: How Strong Storytelling can Help you Nail a Job Interview 


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Monster: Interview Process Taking Forever? Don’t Panic


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Huffington Post: Reddit’s No Negotiation Success Relies on Offer Process

People Matters:  Are You Ready to Negotiate Your Employment Package?

9Lives for Women: A Winning Pitch for Work Flexibility

NerdWallet: How to Negotiate Salary and Evaluate a Job Offer

Self Magazine: Your Wealth is Health 


March 2015:

Vantage Point Recruiting:  The Art of Negotiating the Offer

Career Builder:  Are you ready to negotiate your employment package?

CoPatient: Interview:  Katie Donovan, with Equal Pay Negotiations

February 2015:

Boston Globe:  Bill Aims to Close the Gender Wage Gap

WRKO, Financial Exchange: Katie Donovan , Equal Pay Negotiations, Discusses Gender Wage Gap

Dame Magazine: Why Are We So Uncomfortable Talking About Money?

Acquire Learning:  It pays to ask: The smart way to ask for a pay rise


January 2015:

Huffington Post: The Sony Hack, Gender Pay Gap, and the Agents’ Role

Monster:  Expert Advice on How to Negotiate a Job Offer and Salary

Engineer Jobs: 2015 Guide to Getting an Engineering Job


December 2014:

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Clark County Diversity Director Settlement to Cost $150,000 – plus


November 2014:

Women in Media Mentoring Initiative: Negotiating the Job You Love into the Life You Love

Monster:  6 Good Reasons to Quit Your Job


October 2014:

MORE Magazine:  4 Fears that can Sabotage Your Earning Power

Monster:  What You Lose When You Don’t Negotiate a Salary Offer

Fox Business: Scared to Talk Salary? 4 Phobias That Can Impact Your Earning Power

Career Builder:  How Much is Your Position Worth


September 2014:

Monster: 10 Signs Your Job is at Risk


August 2014:

Career Builder:  When Your Co-worker Earns More Than You

Huffington Post:  5 Career Negotiation Tips for Recent Grads


July 2014:

CIR SEIU Healthcare: Q&A with Women in Medicine Negotiating Workshop Speaker Katie Donovan

Career Intelligence:  How to Reject a Job Offer or Promotion – Gracefully

FlexJobs: How Moms Can Negotiate Additional Work Perks


June 2014:

Business Insider: 7 Tips for Getting a Fat Pay Raise

Las Vegas Review-Journal:  With Right Drive, Dynamics, Job Hunters Can Find Superstar Work


May 2014:

Forbes: Interviews Do or Don’ts:  Should You Disclose a Pregnancy

FlexJobs:  How to Negotiate Salary and Benefits

The Shriver Report: How to Answer Questions About Previous Salary and Ensure Fair Pay

LearnVest: Should You Disclose Pregnancy in a Job Interview?


April 2014:

Politics Tomorrow:  Why I’m Not a Buzzfeed Feminist

Career Intelligence:  Should You Relocate for Your Next Job?

Greater Boston (WGBH): Salary Negotiation Experts Talk National Equal Pay Day  (video clip)

The Job Scholar:  Six Signs it May Be Time To Start Looking for a New Job

The Glass Hammer:  Salary History:  Gender Pay Gap’s Holy Grail

Career Bliss: New Legislation Encourages You to Openly Discuss Your Salary

GPB Georgia Works Radio: Love Your Job and Ask for A Raise (audio)

WiRL: Raise vs. Salary Adjustment


March 2014:

Nichols College Institute for Women Leadership:   Do you have what it takes to get paid what you’re worth?

Good Housekeeping: The 10 Worst Things You Can Do When You Start A New Job 

The Work Buzz:  Don’t Shy Away from Asking for a Raise

CareerBliss:  Three Ways to Appear Greedy in Salary Negotiation

The Business Insider:  Here’s How To Ask For A Pay Raise — And Actually Get It


February 2014:

The Job Scholar: Two Weeks Notice Tips

Career Intelligence:  Positioning Yourself for Promotion

Huffington Post:  Equal Pay, Pay Transparency, and Job Candidates

The Plug:  Negotiating for IT Salaries:  How to Get a Bigger Number

Monster Thinking: What’s the Job Really Worth?


January 2014:

MSN Career Builder:  Don’t Shy Away from Asking for a Raise

NerdScholar: Using Cost of Living to Negotiate Your Salary


December 2013:

Cosmopolitan: The 10 Worst Things You Can Do When You Start a New Job

The Life Uncommon: Your Annual Career Check Up

Career Connector: How to Negotiate a Flexible Schedule

Woman’s Day: The 10 Worst Things You Can Do When You Start a New Job


November 2013:

All Things Considered (NPR): Boston Says it Has a Plan to Erase the Gender Wage Gap

WBUR: How Boston is Trying to Eliminate the Gender Wage Gap

Huffington Post: A Winning Pitch for Work Flexibility

The Life Uncommon: I Screwed Up: Taking Ownership of Errors Can Improve Your Value


October 2013:

Career-Intelligence: Should You Take a Pay Cut?

US News & World Report: 7 Steps to Smart Salary Negotiations

The Life Uncommon: Your Job has an Expiration Date

Pay Justice: Gender Pay Gap: Individual or Institutional Responsibility


September 2013:

Chronicle of Philanthropy: Breaking the Nonprofit World’s Glass Ceiling – transcript of web discussion

CFA Institute Publication: Shades of Greatness

Pay Justice: The pay gap – is part of the problem women and their poor negotiating skills?

Yahoo! Shine:  How to Juggle Multiple Job Interviews


August 2013:

Mass Live: State Sen. Katherine Clark foucses on women’s economic Issues in the Congressional Campaign How to Negotiate A Salary Once You Have Been Offered the Position


June 2013:

HuffPostLive: The Male Education Gap a panel discussion


May 2013:

Career Intelligence: How to Negotiate Flex Schedule


April 2013: Can an App Help Close the Gender Gap? The Education Gap’s Impact Could Eliminate the Gender Pay Gap


March 2013:

Boston Glow: Negotiating Salary When YOU are Replaceable

Chronicle of Philanthropy: How to Get a Raise transcript of web chat

Press Release: New App “Earn More Girl Pro” Helps Professional Women Close Gender Pay Gap


February 2013:

Classy Career Girl: 4 Salary Negotiation Tips to Get What the Job is Worth

Press Release: Katie Donovan Launches 360 Degree Salary Negotiation Coaching for Professional Women

The Office Professional: Discussing Salary With Co-Workers: More Considerations


January 2013:

Huffington Post: Forget the Second Job: Negotiate a Raise and Get Some Sleep I Did Not Know to Ask for Salary Negotiation Help

HuffPost Live: I’m Not That Great

Career Tips and Trends: Podcast Interview

Better After 50: Salary Negotiation Lessons for Our Daughters (and Ourselves)


December 2012: Annual Performance Review: Time Suck or Amazing Opportunity


October 2012:

Chronicle of Philanthropy: How to Overcome your Fear of Negotiating and Get a Bigger Paycheck How to Make Sure “Binders Full of Women” Get Equal Pay


April 2012: American Employers are Waiting for You to Close the Wage Gap A Way Around the Pay Gap?

Business A New Petition Would Force Employers To Disclose Salaries For All Jobs

Press Release: The Salary Disclosure to Promote Equality Petition


January 2012: The New “Getting Ahead”: What It Takes to Succeed in 2012,


December 2011: 8 Tips to Help You Negotiate For a Better End-of-Year Bonus,

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