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Equal Pay Audit and Hiring

Is your organization committed to Equal Pay and a diverse workforce but has not fully achieved either?   You are not alone. Many organizations are working towards these, as yet, elusive goals.  They actually go hand in hand as many of the traditional hiring processes undermine other efforts to achieve either or both.  Small changes can better support current efforts or make great impact on their own.  Even better these changes are low-cost and no-cost to implement changes.

iStock_000009121836LargeThe hiring process is designed to get the best talent at the lowest cost. That’s a fine goal. Unfortunately, hiring best practices consistently overlook and underpay women and people of color. This is called an unconscious bias or disparate impact. It’s a great way to alienate the growing majority of your workforce as the US workforce continues to become more and more women and people of color. Alienating the very people you are trying to attract makes the job of hiring much harder leaving important jobs unfilled.

Equal Pay Hiring addresses this issue by using experience and the latest research to find the procedural changes that will impact your organization with minimal cultural changes and retraining needs while delivering great impact.

Equal Pay Audit and Hiring will:

  • Audit your actual payroll to determine if you are achieving equality as well as current hiring, promotion, and compensation processes including but not limited to:
    • Job description creation
    • Recruitment efforts including diversity programs
    • Applicant review
    • Interview process
    • Candidate review
    • Employment package determination
    • Negotiation process
    • Promotion process
    • Raise process
  • Determine areas of opportunity in the process
  • Present findings and propose changes to the process with human resource leader(s) and executive team members
  • Develop an implementation plan that maximizes impact while minimizing cost and other resources

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