45 More Years of Pay Gaps AFTER Bias Ends



This week, Thrive Global published my article In a World Without Bias, Will Pay Equity Exist?  I estimate it will take 45 years from the end of bias to the end of pay inequality.  Read more details on why at Thrive Global.


Assuming Equality Has Been Achieved Prevents it from Happening

On the International Day of the Girl,  Sue O’Connell of The Take interview me regarding equal pay.

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Why Median Pay Hurts Achieving Pay Equity

I recently became a contributor to Thrive Global.  I am excited to share my first article, Median Pay Hurts Pay Equity with you.


When I took golf lessons and learned to putt properly, the instructor told me to aim for a spot beyond the hole to better the chances of the ball falling into the hole. It’s a common rule of thumb for putting. Employers need to learn this lesson. In all the efforts to close the gender pay gap, most employers are not only not aiming beyond the hole or target, they are aiming for a spot before the hole. Whether a disconnect or flawed logic, the gender pay gap will never close if it continues.

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Tripled Her Pay

My first podcast with one of my clients, Lauren Hasson.  Lauren is now the founder of DevelopHer, a a career development platform for tech women by tech women.  A few years back, she was an Equal Pay Negotiations client and in two years tripled her income negotiating a pay adjustment and starting salaries.  Also, listen to my thoughts on the push for Mark Wahlberg to donate his pay when his co-star Michelle Williams was short changed.