Equal Pay Negotiations

Pragmatic Solutions to Achieve Pay Equity

Achieving Pay Equity with all Stakeholders

100 years is too long to wait to close the gender pay gap or any other pay gap.  There are many efforts from many people but little focus on two key elements;  1) current best practices assume equality already exists and  2) little acknowledgement that some people truly are biased.   Equal Pay Negotiations LLC consults and trains individuals, employers, conference and event planners, and policy makers to achieve pay equity and leadership parity with a focus on process.  Using pragmatic and action oriented approaches, Equal Pay Negotiations is closing the gap one person, one employer, one state at a time.

Individual Employees and Job Candidates

Learn the value of the job and how to negotiate job offers, raises, and promotions through the various one-on-one consulting services offered in Pay and Benefits Negotiation Consultations by Equal Pay Negotiations.


Learn the stages in hiring, promoting, and compensation processes that are  perpetuating pay gaps and leadership gaps because they were designed with the assumption that equality already exists.  Discover new steps to add to processes to proactively protect your organization from the bias (conscious and unconscious) that does exist in some people.  It is the rare employer who has or will never hire a person who can create bias outcomes. Changing the perspective of processes to proactively address conscious and unconscious biases enables achieving equality.  EPN’s training programs, audits, and improvement implementations with the Equitable and Inclusive Services will get you to your goals.

Conferences and Events Planners

Include Katie Donovan in your next event as a keynote or breakout speaker  to enlighten engage, and empower your attendees to look at the persistent pay gap and their roles in closing it. Donovan has spoken at hundreds of events with rave reviews. Her in-depth knowledge is tailored to the needs of your attendees whether lawyers, doctors, human resource professional, corporate leaders, women advocates, or others.


Consult with Katie Donovan as you determine next steps to close the pay gaps of women, people of color, people with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ community.    Donovan launched the movement to ban salary history into the pay equity toolbox in 2012 and co-wrote the first bill now law to include the provision.  11 states and 9 local jurisdictions have passed laws or used executive orders to restrict or ban the use of salary history and many employers are adopting the practice on their own accord. This is just one of many defensive process oriented actions employers should take to close the stubborn gender pay gap.  The gap is so stubborn it is estimated to take another 100 years to close it for women.  Small changes will have big results.


Katie Donovan has commented and added insights to television, radio, podcasts, traditional print, and social media events on the topics of pay equity, women leadership, working while women, hiring practices, and public policy.  Your next story won’t be complete without the unique, trendsetting, and pragmatic recommendations Donovan brings to the conversations.



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