Equal Pay Day, Negotiation, and Discussing Salaries

Yesterday was Equal Pay Day.  President Obama signed Executive Orders that will impact employees at companies with federal contracts.  This is a great opportunity to see if two of the core elements of the Paycheck Fairness Act have teeth to impact the stubborn Gender Pay Gap.  The executive orders will prevent employers from penalizing employees who discuss their pay and require employers to report wages by gender and rate to the Dept. of Labor.

I had the pleasure of joining Paula Gutlove of Simmons College to discuss the issue with Emily Rooney on WGBH’s show Greater Boston.  Here is that discussion. 

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  • classycareergirl| May 6, 2014

    Great discussion, Katie! I believe women need to negotiate more now than ever before and discover their strengths as negotiators. We should spread the word about the gap and equal pay day. Other people don’t know that we are fighting this fight.