It’s that time of year again, when we take a moment to reflect and give thanks for the gifts we have experienced during the past 12 months.  Here’s a baker’s dozen list of career and business items that I hope are on your list.

  1. Your career or job
  2. Your boss
  3. Your paycheck
  4. Your colleagues
  5. Your company’s customers
  6. Your company’s vendors
  7. Your company’s investors
  8. Your advisors
  9. Your sponsors
  10. 10. Your mentors
  11. 11. Your challenges
  12. 12. Your opportunities
  13. 13. Your accomplishments

Conversely, it is nice to think that the business people, who you appreciate, appreciate you as well.  Take a moment to think if you have felt their gratitude recently.

  1. Is your company pleased you work for them?
  2. Is your boss thankful you report to him or her?
  3. Do your colleagues enjoy working with you?
  4. Do customers like your work?
  5. Do vendors appreciate you being their customer?
  6. Are investors grateful for the wealth your work creates for them?
  7. Do your advisors, sponsors, and mentors enjoy your career growth and know they helped you to achieve it?

You may find the answer to the questions above is not always yes thus you are feeling underappreciated at work.  This under appreciation is probably showing up in your paycheck as well.  Now is not the time to work harder to win the approval of others.  It’s the time to let people know how much you have accomplished.  Research shows that the women who make their accomplishments known are paid better and are able to get more help and sponsorship from senior people at work.

A friendly reminder of why your company, boss, colleagues, and senior management should love having your work with them could make you even more thankful for your growing career and paycheck.

@ 2011 by Katie Donovan