Salary Negotiation; Conflict or Game

Women tend to remove themselves from conflict while men enjoy the competitive nature of it.  That could be one of the reasons men negotiate salaries more than women.

Yet, you may be surprised to find out that you do negotiate more often than you think. Have you ever changed a person’s mind about?

  1. What movie to see
  2. Where to go to dinner
  3. When a contractor will begin/end/show up again
  4. Giving a discount because a piece of clothing or furniture had a stain
  5. Where to go for vacation
  6. Your significant other’s mind about having children or having more children

If you have then you have successfully conducted negotiations.  You may think of it as bartering, bargaining, discussing, or arguing but in the end two or more people with varied desired have come to an agreed plan.

Almost the same can be said about negotiating salaries.  The difference with salary negotiation is that a hiring manager does not have a single desired salary than you. S/he has a desired salary range.   The top figure has been budgeted but it is rare that a hiring manager would offer a job with the highest possible salary.  Getting the best candidate for a salary anywhere under that number is considered a good outcome for the hiring manager and for the company.

At the moment you are offered a job you have the power to attempt to get as high a salary as possible.  This is your most powerful time – the second the job is offered to you until the instant you accept it.  Realizing that there is room for bargaining and that you do have power is crucial to a successful and enjoyable salary negotiation.


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  • Joseph Richards| August 30, 2012

    I am working on developing a video game for people to practice salary negotiations. I’d love you input!

    • Katie Donovan| September 4, 2012

      Hi Joseph, Thanks for letting me know about you pending negotiation game. I would love the opportunity to discuss it with you. I think the more we salary coaches can connect and collaborate, the more we will be able to help all employees earn the true market value for their work.